ESA-MOST Dragon Cooperation


Following the successful 2021 Dragon 5 KO Symposium that was held in July 2021, the 2022 Dragon 5 Mid-term Results Symposium will take place as an online event on 17-21 October 2022. The inputs for the presentation of the programme and reporting sessions will be as follows:

  1. For programme building – abstracts for oral and poster presentations are to be submitted using the following instructions.
    Please note the abstracts will be same as for the mid-term results papers which will be published as a special issue of an online open access journal.
  2. In case of an online symposium, presentations will be by pre-recorded videos for both oral presentations and posters (details for the delivery will be provided following programme building phase).

Language and Fees The official language of the Symposium is English. No participation fees will be charged. The Symposium is open to Dragon 5 scientists. All Dragon 5 scientists must register on-line to participate to the Symposium.

Organising Committee

Maurice Borgeaud Head of Dragon Office Zhao Jing
Director General
Yves-Louis Desnos Dragon coordinator Li Zengyuan Dragon coordinator
Karl Bergquist External relations Zhang Jing Deputy Division Chief
Eric Doyle Dragon office Wang Sisi Dragon office
Fabrizio Ramoino Dragon office Gao Zhihai Dragon office
Irene Renis Dragon office Sun Bin Dragon office
Florence Boye Dragon office Wu Junna Dragon office


  • Report on progress & results of the joint teams’ research at the mid-term stage of the Dragon 5 cooperation
  • Report on role of young scientists and presentation of their research results via the poster session
  • Prepare for the latter phase of Dragon 5
  • Publication of the Dragon 5 mid-term results papers in electronic format in a peer-reviewed open access journal.

Abstract Submission

Please use the online system to:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Create and modify abstract(s) in English
  3. Up-load your abstracts in Chinese (in pdf)

After completion of each of the actions 1 to 3, you should receive auto-generated emails with confirmations.

Oral Session – Principal Investigators

The abstracts for the 55 Dragon 5 mid-terms results reporting by project’s Principal Investigators will be the same as for the journal paper (further details will be provided shortly). We kindly request a single project abstract in English is submitted on the Abstract submission system (by either the European or Chinese PI).  We also request the abstract is uploaded as a PDF attachment in Chinese.

Poster Session – Young Scientists

We request all Dragon Young Scientists to submit a poster abstract in English using the same link as above. 


The draft overview programme is available HERE.

The opening session will take place on the 1st day of the Symposium.

The young scientists poster session will take place on the 3rd day of the Symposium.

The mid-term results will be made by oral presentations and will be organized into 3 parallel sessions.

The closing session will take place on the last day of the Symposium.

Schedule and Deadlines

Abstract submission opening17 June 2022
Announcement of Symposium format (physical, online or hybrid)by 30 June 2022
Abstract submission closure22 July 2022
Extended to 5 August 2022
Abstracts reviewby 12 August 2022
Notification of acceptanceby 22 August 2022
Issue of Preliminary Programmeby 22 August 2022
Registration Openingby 22 August 2022
Submission of pre-recorded video-presentations for oral contributions30 September 2022
Submissions of e-posters (videos) and posters pdf30 September 2022
Issue of Final Programme17 October 2022
Symposium17-21 October 2022